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Kingdom of Basil

We believe that animals are family and healing is an integrative process.

Kingdom of Basil animal acupuncture building in Seattle

Our Clinic

No matter how many years we've been practicing, we are regularly reminded that we have as much to learn from the animals we treat, as they have to learn from us. We provide acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition counseling, and energetics to assist in your companion animal's healing journey while supporting your profound love for them. 

Dog Profile

From Our Clients

"Dr. McCullough treated my dog for years with acupuncture for a back muscle that was screwed up and she was FANTASTIC! When he was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, she once again treated him with acupuncture and herbal remedies. It was a terrible, awful time and Dr. McCullough was always fabulous and flexible, squeezing him in for one last treatment in the back of my SUV to help with his comfort the day before he died. There simply is no one better. She is a perfect combination of a doctor with a veterinary degree who knows how to evaluate and coordinate with Western medical treatment from other vets, and then apply Eastern treatments. My baby certainly lived a longer and more comfortable life due to Dr. McCullough's care!"​

– Melissa H.

four small dogs eating treats on the floor

Pierre & Phoebe

Pierre had a growth on his nose that is gone and his nose is healthy, the color has improved immensely, the growth is gone. Phoebe had a malignant growth removed and the doctor recommended chemo. She is 13 years old. She is active, healthy, happy and doing very well. I am deeply grateful to Kingdom of Basil." – Lizzie 💚🌱🙏🏼

small white maltese dog


"Helps keep my senior Maltese Rosie's liver enzymes in normal range and also helped with her hip pain from a luxating patella."

– Sabine

Small senior terrier dog


"Kingdom of Basil is helping my little guy a lot."

– Brenda S.


"Lena treated my old pug, I wasn't sure what to expect with acupuncture therapy... he's a dog with spinal issues who was hardly able to walk before seeing Lena... now he's walking pretty well. She was also very helpful recommending different diets for my pug. Orson finally passed away at a grand old 16.5 years old and I credit Lena for the gift of his comfort and joy in his golden years. She was very in tune to Orson's well being and also helped to support me as Orson was fading. I have no doubt that Lena contributed to his extended life and providing him comfort."

– Rhonda B.

Maxine & Pickles

"Dr. McCullough is the best! My Maxine is doing so much better with the acupuncture than she was doing on the prednisone. Our new chihuahua Pickles is also feeling perkier and her knees are slipping out less as she runs around exploring the back yard! I highly recommend Dr. McCullough. She is very caring and definitely has a way with animals."

– Mary S.


"Our dog, Hudson, was diagnosed at about a year old with a dreadful disease, Cushing's Disease. It causes all sorts of immune system issues, including cancers. Hudson had 4 toes removed to cancers, but after Dr. McCullough began treatment with herbs and acupuncture, the cancers stopped. His infections got better. Instead of his living for 5 years, as his Cushing's specialist told us to expect, he lived to 13 1/2 and was an incredibly happy dog! I credit Dr. McCullough's expertise in traditional veterinary medicine as well as in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for Hudson's long and happy life. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her staff is also amazing and loving. She's the best."

– Suzan W.

“I’ve had my dog on Kingdom of Basil herbs for 2 years now. After discovering my dog's stage 2 CKD and having it quickly progress into stage 3 despite the immediate change to a kidney diet, I started this medication. It wasn’t a hard choice as I have been using the senior dog herbs for about 3 years and it’s been truly fabulous. Since I’ve started my dog on it, all of her kidney values have dropped significantly, and continue to every time I do blood work."

– Lynette

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9431 17th Avenue SW

Seattle, WA 98106​


Hours and Location

Our office hours are by appointment only.

To schedule your first appointment, please contact us Tuesday through Friday by phone or email.

Phone:  206-937-6288

Text:     206-602-2433

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