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good reads

Path With Paws Blog:

A wealth of articles from Dr. Lena about a variety of animal health issues including various forms of cancer

Holistic Cancer Care E-Book:

Dr. Lena's book is available in beta version (the information is all solid, we're just in the process of editing for grammar and structure).

How to Pick the Best Food for My Dog’s Health

How to Pick the Best Food For My Cat’s Health

All About Vaccinations for Cats

All About Vaccinations for Dogs

Holistic Ways You Can Help Your Animal When They are Undergoing Anesthesia and Surgery

How to Find a Good Holistic Vet

good people

Wellsprings Dog Massage & Swim Spa – A wonderful hydrotherapy facility in West Seattle. Sheila and the other therapists do incredible work!

Helga Karisch – this Washington state licensed and board-certified canine and equine massage therapist based in West Seattle offers a gentle, holistic approach to animal massage and acupressure that enhances the well-being of your pet.

Hands to Paws Small Animal Massage – Jen helps animals feel better and rehabilitate from injury through touch with massage and reiki.

Cascade Heights Veterinary – A great veterinary clinic in White Center.

Walk in care – Urban Animal

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